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Billet Dock: A Modern and Minimal Home for Your iOS Devices

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 16, 2012

So you’re about to receive your new iPad, whether it’s by mail or you’re picking it up at an Apple store. You’ll have to get a nice, new docking solution for it, right? Check out the Billet Dock that’s available through Kickstarter. It looks pretty slick, and it’s machined out of a single billet of aerospace-grade aluminum.


The overall design of the Billet Dock is nice and minimal, and it should look nice with your new tech. It comes in a variety of different finishes and three different models. Unlike some of the cheaper docks out there, each Billet dock has a custom-made 30-pin connector built in, which makes it easy to dock and undock your gadgets. Plus, it’s got a special rotating cam-pad which ensures a snug fit with or without a case. And see those holes in the front of the dock? Those are designed to amplify sound and let you listen to your iPhone or iPad while docked.


By pledging $58 (USD), you’ll get a Billet Dock for your iPhone. $69 will get you a Billet Dock for your iPad. $115 will get you the Duplex Billet Dock, which allows you to dock your iPhone and iPad together. For $240 you get all three. You’ll have to add $10 per dock to get the anodized pink, red or black models. There’s also a super-deluxe limited-edition lime green version those who pledge $300 or more.


[via Kickstarter]