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Osca Task Chair Encourages Chair Fidgeters

 |  |  |  |  March 18, 2012

True story: I was hard at work studying for my exams when I decided to take a quick breather to stretch my arms and my legs. What happened next was far from what a breather is supposed to be: I made my chair lose its balance (there’s no other way to put it), my chair toppled over, and I ended up embarrassed (and slightly hurt) on the floor.

I got back on my chair and continued studying as my sister roared with laughter (after checking to make sure I was okay, of course.) Since then, I’ve always stood when I needed to stretch and have been a lot more mindful of my sitting position after that.

One chair that you can sit on and feel completely at ease, though, is the Osca Task Chair. It was especially designed for people who move around a lot, even when they’re seated.

Osca Task Chair
The secret to the stability of the chair is in its flexible rocking base, which allows for a range of movement without fear of toppling over. The actual seat of the chair has also been designed ergonomically to make sitting in it comfortable while not skipping out on the aesthetics.

Osca Task Chair

The chair would easily snap together using a wooden seat and flexible base, and even would allow you to change its upholstery simply by snapping new modules on – held in place by strong rare-earth magnets.


The Osca Task Chair is a concept design by Jessica Cassar that I’d really like to see get commercially made.

[via Yanko Design]