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Artist Creates Indoor Clouds Using Humidifiers and Fog Machines

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Written by Jack Kieffer | March 19, 2012

Clouds are those puffy white balls of cotton that hang in the air far above us. Unfortunately, only those select few who grew wings because of radiation exposure can fully enjoy them. Sure, we can all lie on our backs and pretend that these majestic pieces of nature look like everyday objects, but we all know that they all just look like masses of fluff. (And occasionally dinosaurs.) We also all know that ants like to bite masses of flesh that lay still on the grass, and that all kinds of creepy crawlies live on the ground.

If you were as cool as Berndnaut Smilde, you would have created a series of photographs featuring your Frankenstein creation: the indoor cloud. The artist was able to make beauty by using nothing more than a thermostat, a humidifier, and a fog machine.


Berndnaut needed to preserve the clouds in photographs. The guy’s not Gandalf – he can make clouds, but they don’t last forever, just a couple of seconds. That one instant where all of the stars align / a bunch of fog from his fog machine at the right humidity floats where he wants it and then disappears.


Too bad he couldn’t figure out a way to keep them floating there forever and open an exhibit. “That would have been a terrible idea – people can see clouds just by going outside.” It’s different. Not really.” Besides, I can’t see anything through this terrible smog that comes from the fish stick factory next to my house. Real estate apparently isn’t all about location, location, location, because nobody will buy my house, and you can get tons of free fish sticks right next door.

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[via Architizer]

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