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Life-Size Inflatable Portal 2 Sentry Turret Doesn’t Blame You

 |  |  |  |  |  March 22, 2012

I bet more than a few of you are fans of the game Portal and Portal 2. Besides GLaDOS, the Companion Cube, Wheatley and Cave Johnson, one of the most memorable things Chell had to deal with are those pesky turrets lying around the environment. ThinkGeek has a long and storied history of offering up some geeky collectibles and the latest looks like it came directly from Aperture Labs.

This inflatable Sentry Turret stands 40-inches tall. Apparently, that’s the height a real-life Portal turret would stand. This is about as close as you’ll come to a real bullet-firing turret today. Ok, not really, but I can’t wait to see if someone manages to graft an Airsoft gun to one of these things.


The inflatable Sentry Turret is available right now for $24.99(USD) over at ThinkGeek, and would make a perfect graduation gift for the geeks you know getting out of school this year. I think this would also make a really cool pool toy for the summer at the beach or pool. Or your cubicle.