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Plug Lamp: More than Just an Outlet and More than Just a Lamp

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Written by Hazel Chua | March 22, 2012

You never know where or when you might need an outlet for your plugs until you need one. And it’s extremely annoying to have to bend down and search behind cabinets or tables just to find one to plug your phone charger in.

Plug LampThe solution to this are these adorable Plug Lamps by Form Us With Love for ateljé Lyktan. Each of the Plug Lamps has a handy outlet built into its base. So the next time you need an outlet, all you have to do is look for a lamp and you’re all set. It’s not light it’s a totally original idea, but it is still a good one.


Plug Lamps are pretty convenient in the sense that they provide you with two things that you’d most likely need at some point during the day (or night): light and electricity.

 [via Yanko Design]