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Fading Highlighter Fades Away After One Semester: Yay or Nay?

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Written by Hazel Chua | March 23, 2012

I’m not boasting, but most of my college textbooks look pristine. That means that you won’t find any highlights, notes, or markings on any of their pages. Not because I plan to resell them or anything (although I probably could, so I could make a few extra bucks), but because I think highlights look kind of messy. Plus I have this habit of highlighting a lot of things I find important instead of just key words or key phrases.

And for people like me (read: neat freaks) and for those who plan to resell their textbooks after they graduate, the Fading Highlighter would be just perfect. It uses special highlighter ink that fades away like magic after five months.

Fading Highlight

I know there are similar highlighters with fading inks, but the ones by Pilot (the FriXion ones) need to be rubbed away before they fade. And we all know what damage rubbing can do to your textbook’s pages.

Fading Highlight

The Fading Highlighters aren’t being commercially made yet, although they’re gauging consumer interest up on Quirky right now, where you can input the price you think is reasonable for it.

[via Green Head]