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Fish-Covered Rocking Chair Looks Pretty Good – A Meter Away

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Written by Hazel Chua | March 23, 2012

I’m not a huge fan of sardines. Sure, I find myself craving some once in a while, but they’re not my most favorite fish in the world. But sardines seem like it’s the fish of choice for furniture designer Tristan Cochrane. This rocking chair is a one-off piece sculpted by Tristan. It is fully functional and made entirely from sardines cast in aluminium.

Fish Rocking ArmchairWhat Tristan did was create a wax mold from actual sardines, which he then used that to cast aluminum versions of the fishes. It was produced in Eindhoven, NL, at Beeldenstorm foundry in 2011.

The story behind Tristan’s career is pretty interesting: he worked for over ten years in the fishing industry before studying cabinet making and furniture design at Bucks University near London. His resume certainly explains how he ended up making such a chair.

Fish Rocking Armchair

Aside from being extremely unique, this sardine rocking chair is also expensive: its asking price is $19,500(USD). You can contact Saatchi Online, which represents Tristan, if you’re interested in sitting on some fish.

And don’t forget to pick up some lamps to go with your new chair.

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