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TacoCopter to Use Quadrotors to Offer Flying Taco Delivery?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 23, 2012

Quadrocopters have been used for all kinds of cool things, but the best may be yet to come. Now keep in mind that this may be a hoax, but it is an awesome premise. According to one report, flying quadrotors may soon be used to deliver tacos.

The TacoCopter service would allow you to order a fresh taco via your smartphone and have it delivered straight to you via GPS and an app on your smartphone. There isn’t much detail, but it seems suspicious since the TacoCopter is only available through a private beta, and only serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m sure it’s a hoax since the batteries on these things allow them to fly for only a short time. Never mind that it’s only a week until April Fools Day. Then again, they might be taking a gamble and are hoping that this service really “takes off.” I would order food by quadcopter in a heartbeat if they delivered in my neighborhood.

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