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Missile-Firing Griffin Helo TC Assault Copter Flies Skyward

 |  |  |  |  |  March 24, 2012

Griffin has been selling some interesting little remote control helicopters for a while. The little helicopters are controlled by iOS devices such as an iPhone or an iPad. I’ve used them before and I can say that they can be difficult to control. There is something appealing about flying toys that can put out your eye and chop off your finger at the same time. Actually, you’d have to try pretty hard to cause such a serious injury with one of these.


The latest helicopter launching from the company is called the Helo TC Assault and it looks like a small Apache helicopter with red missiles on each side. You control the helicopter using the app and can fire the missiles at the press of a button. That app allows you have touch to steer or till to steer controls. You can also record and store three flight plans to make it route around obstacles automatically.

Griffin even offers downloadable accessories that you can print to give yourself something to fire at when you play. The Helo TC Assault helicopter is available right now for $59.99(USD).