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Custom Chrome Mechagodzilla Lamp with Assault Rifles: Get in My House

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 25, 2012

Check out this amazingly awesome custom Mechagodzilla lamp complete with assault rifles. He reminds you to turn your light off when you leave the room. Or else.

This badass lamp gives Mechagodzilla wings, twin G36C rifles and a whole lot of attitude. The wings come from an old toy that Obvious Winner found at a local comic book shop for a $1. They were promptly snapped off and surgically attached to Mechagodzilla using a drill and epoxy.


After that it was time to arm this beast with some weaponry. The choice? 1:6 scale G36 assault rifles that are nicely detailed. You can even fold the stock and remove the magazine and the bullets inside. Those are some nice guns. I wish I had a lamp this cool myself. Great job. I hope we see a Mothra lamp next.

[via Obvious Winner]