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Minecraft Diamond Ring: The Fastest Way to a Gamer’s Heart

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 28, 2012

Diamonds are one of the rarest and most useful items in Minecraft. You can make the most durable tools, armor and weapons out of this precious material, but you’ll have to be well equipped and spend lots of time to mine diamond ores.

Be sure to explain all of those things to the recipient when you give them this ring. Something tells me they might go Creeper mode on you for cheaping out and not buying an actual diamond ring. Or even Cubic Zirconia.

minecraft diamond ring

You can order the Minecraft Diamond Ring from Etsy seller tinybackpack for a mere $8.50 (USD). Now that’s a steal. The game’s more expensive than that.

[via Fashionably Geeky]