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Google Maps 8-Bit Comes to the NES

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 31, 2012

While we’re reasonably certain that the pranksters at Google have jumped the gun with one of their big April Fools pranks, we’re still the slightest bit hopeful that Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a real thing. It’s almost surely not, but I still like the idea of bringing today’s software and websites to old school consoles.


According to Google, the new Google Maps for NES will ship on a cartridge, offering internet access directly from your old 8-bit console. A gigantic farm of computers in the cloud are said to transform the regular Google Maps experience into a version usable on the NES.


Here, let’s let Google Product Management Director Ken Tokusei explain it for you…

You gotta love the part where you blow into the cartridge “to fix bugs.” For now, you can play around with the 8-bit style Google Maps over at maps.google.com, then clicking on the “Quest” button in the upper right-hand corner, or by simply clicking this link. Be sure to check out Street View for more pixelated fun.