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Totoya Creatures iPad/iPhone Cases Make Gadgets Even More Kid-Friendly

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Written by Range | April 1, 2012

We all know that kids love iPads and iPhones. They love the games, the touch-based OS and basically it’s impossible to get your iDevice back when it gets into the hands of a toddler. The Totoya Creatures cases are meant to house your iPhone or iPad and encourage your kids to play with them even more.


Totoya plush creatures will swallow up and protect your devices, while allowing kids to peek at the display through some of the holes. The iDevice acts as the creature’s eyes and heart thanks to strategically-placed cutouts. There are other holes that allow kids to trigger specific effects. The cases look quite sturdy and you’ll have to run the dedicated free app for them to work with the plush toy.


The iPad toys are called YetYet and Robotto while the iPhone toys are YetX and RobX. They sell for $79.90 (USD) and $49.90 respectively.