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Disc Mount: Organize and Decorate With a Button

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 5, 2012

There are a lot of cheap and easy ways to organize CDs and DVDs. You can put them in disc racks, binders, cylinders or just place them on a shelf. All of those are great for storing a large number of discs, but if you want to have easy access to your favorite game, music or video, you might want to get some Disc Mounts.

disc mount

Disc Mounts work just like the buttons that hold discs inside a typical case, except they’re magnetized. This way you can both display the artwork on the disc and have easy access to the disc itself.

It’s easy to see the downsides of this tool though. For one, you need to have a magnetic surface. Also, if you clean your room as often as I do – which is approximately zero times per lifetime – the discs are bound to gather dust because they’re exposed on the backside.

If you keep your place metal object-filled and dust-free, you can order Disc Mounts from Laboratory 424. $7.95(USD) gets you a dozen buttons.

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