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Google Project Glass Voice-activated Augmented Reality Headset: For a Convenient, Douchebag-Filled Future

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 5, 2012

If you think people who rock Bluetooth headsets are funny or annoying, wait til you see Google’s augmented reality project. While Project Glass is currently nothing more than a series of mock-ups and a concept video, we know that Google has the resources – and motivation – to fill our future with even more people shouting at the air.

google project glass

Again, the picture above is just a mock-up of the headset, but if you’ve seen other augmented reality projects you can extrapolate what Google wants to do. The video below reveals the specifics – a heads-up display that overlays graphics over the user’s line of sight. It has location, communication, scheduling and note-taking apps, all of which are mostly activated via voice commands. It also has limited visual recognition, but mostly we’ll be talking to ourselves a whole lot.

Pretty neat, but again, it’s easy to see how weird or annoying it will be when this kind of technology goes mainstream. Voice control is nice, but imagine a world where everyone around you is using the same system and the same commands, mumbling to themselves, not to mention our eyes focused on something that’s not really there. I highly suggest we set up Project Mind Control first.

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