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Spatula Robot Walks and Wobbles, But Can’t Fix You Breakfast

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 5, 2012

A while back, we posted a robot that could flip pancakes, and duo that could cook breakfast too. Well, this little fella looks the part of a kitchen robot, but can’t cook his way out of a box of Hot Pockets. That’s okay though, because the Spatula Robot has still wobbled his way into my heart.


This little dude was created by Instructables tech editor Randy Sarafan, and has the best legs ever for a simple robot – each one made from a kitchen spatula, and held together with zip-ties. These give it solid footing and balance. The robot was built using a handful of household parts and electronics you can mostly find at Radio Shack. It’s brains are Arduino based, so it can be programmed to do different moves than the wobbly walk shown in the video here:

Perhaps the best thing about the spatula ‘bot is that Randy has posted detailed build instructions over on Instructables, so you can make your own kitchen-dwelling robot if you have just a little bit of the DIY chromosome in your gene pool. Me, I think I’m building one to make me whipped cream on command.