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IV Drip Bag USB Lamp Filled With Light, Not Drugs

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 7, 2012

Ah, Japan. Just when I think your gadgets can’t get any weirder, you birth another oddity for our enjoyment. The latest strange creation to pop onto my radar screen is this – a lamp that looks like one of those intravenous drip bags.


Instead of plugging this IV bag into one of your veins, simply connect it to a USB port on your computer or a USB power adapter, and it’ll glow. There’s a small grid of LEDs inside, which can provide blue, white or orange light depending on the version you buy. You can even fill it with water, without risk of damaging the light – though the idea of a water-filled light plugged into an outlet or my laptop kind of freaks me out.


I suppose that these might be cool filled with fake blood for a Halloween decoration – assuming you like to get all your Halloween shopping done in April.┬áPersonally, I HATE hospitals, so I don’t see the appeal in having these hanging in your house, but if you actually get pleasure from being hooked up to an IV (or hooking people up to them,) feel free to order some. They’re available over at Japan Trend Shop for $37(USD) each.