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Calculator 10 Only Wishes it Were an iPhone

 |  |  |  |  April 10, 2012

The Calculator App is one of the most basic and essential programs that ships with the iPhone and most other smartphones out there. Given the fact that pretty much everybody has a smartphone these days, I don’t see much reason for a dedicated calculator anymore. But if you still like to kick it in old school, you could at least get a calculator that looks like a smartphone, right?


The Calculator 10 is just that – it’s a traditional calculator, designed to fit in right alongside today’s fanciest gadgets. It’s got a case design that’s very similar to the iPhone 4/4S, though without any pesky Gorilla Glass to crack or get thumbprints all over. It’s also done away with the touchscreen Retina display, A5 processor, cameras, accelerometer, GPS, and iOS – in favor of a basic 10-digit LCD screen and some clicky plastic buttons. At least it can handle square roots and percentage calculations. As an added bonus, the Calculator 10 is available in one color that you can’t get the iPhone in – red.


About the only thing the Calculator 10 has going for it is its price – about $11 (USD), and its battery life – about five years under typical use. Try and do that with your fancy iPhone! You can get your hands on the Calculator 10 in black, white or red over at Strapya World.