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Sennheiser IE 800 Earphones and HDVD 800 Amp: Probably Amazing, Definitely Expensive

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Written by Range | April 16, 2012

Sennheiser makes some really good audio products, and they’ve just upped the ante with some top of the line earbuds and an accompanying amplifier. If you’ve got deep pockets and audio quality is important to you, then these might be worth your attention.

sennheiser ie 800 earphones glowing earbuds

The IE 800 earphones are made out of ceramic and will cost you a whopping €599  (~$787 USD) for a pair. They have an incredibly wide 5 to 46,000Hz audio frequency range, 7mm drivers, and have stainless steel vents at the back that are supposedly there to improve bass and airflow. To provide power for these headphones, you could use any amp, or you could go with the one Sennheiser built just for these earphones. The HDVD 800 amp retails for an equally crazy €1499 (~$1,973 USD). The amp has a body made out anodized aluminum, supports 24-bit 192kHz digital sources, and was specifically designed to work with the HD 800, HD 700, HD 650 and HD 600 headphones.

sennheiser hdvd 800 amplifier

The amp and the earphones are expected to go on sale this Summer. Will you be putting down a big chunk of your hard earned cash on these?

sennheiser ie 800 earphones audio earbuds

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