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Rainbow Flying Unicorn Cake: The Epitome Of Awesomeness

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Written by Jack Kieffer | April 20, 2012

The Rainbow Flying Unicorn Cake was officially dubbed the “epitome of awesomeness” by me and my committee of official members.  My official committee members, me, myself, and I, were all hand-picked by my ego.  My favorite type of flower?  Narcissus.  I also own a four bedroom, three bath, seventy two mirror home.  “The only reason we’re putting up with you is to learn about the flying rainbow unicorn.”  And the list goes on…

flying rainbow unicorn cake

You know that old saying, “I’ll listen to you when pigs rainbow unicorns fly?”  Well, it applies perfectly here, because this means that all of you have to start obeying my iron-fisted commands.  By the way, these iron fists of mine are really going to give me some great arm strength, which will only cement my hold on the impoverished country over which I reign.  “Why such the egotistic today?”  Because it’s my birthday, and I will cry if I want to.

If you are observant, you have noticed that the Rainbow Flying Unicorn Cake has six legs.  Well, actually, there is a smaller offspring of the unicorn sheltering under it’s mother – the picture below should clear things up.

flying rainbow unicorn cake

If you are falling in love with the Rainbow Flying Unicorn Cake, don’t, because I bet someone has already stuffed their face with it. And while you’re at it, swing by Art2Eat cakes, and say hello to Heather Sherman, who created this wondrous work of baked art.

If you enjoy looking at this geeky cake almost as much as you enjoy staring at me during Spanish class, then you’ll want to check out some other geeky cakes like the Stay Puft Ghostbusters Cake and the Lickable Wallpaper That Tastes Like Cake.  “That’s not cake, that’s wallpaper.”  Has the word cake in it, so I don’t care.

[via Incredible Things]

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