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Bulavkus Safety Pin USB Drive Secures Clothes and Data

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 25, 2012

Are you a forgetful klutz who always misplaces flash drives? Are you in the fashion industry and want to have a flash drive that fits your line of work? Or perhaps you’re you a baby with a loose diaper and a need for a flash drive? Then you’re out of luck. Because the Bulavkus is still only a concept. Sorry.

bulavkus safety pin usb drive by art lebedev studio

It’s a shame really, because unlike other gimmicky flash drives that just look like other objects, the Bulavkus actually works as a safety pin, making it less likely that you’ll lose your flash drive (or your pants.) It could work as a weapon too.

bulavkus safety pin usb drive by art lebedev studio 2

Seriously though, knowing Art Lebedev Studio, I think this has a decent chance of becoming an actual product. Whether or not it’s practical is another matter altogether.

[Art Lebedev Studio via Newlaunches]