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Shopping Bag Doubles as Emergency Helmet

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 25, 2012

If god-forbid, I ever find myself in an earthquake, I think I’d like one of those earthquake-proof tables to duck under. However, you can’t always be around a table when you need one. On the other hand, if you’re out and about, you could easily carry around a shopping bag – and in this case, the shopping bag could save you in a disaster.


While it’s definitely not the most stylish of looks, the Grappa shopping bag can definitely offer additional protection for your head in a pinch. Normally, it works like a regular shopping bag, but in an emergency, you place it over your head, and it ads a layer of durable foam material to protect your noggin. Its makers claim the foam is the same sort of material found in ordinary hard hats. The bags are reasonably priced too, with prices ranging from 980 to 1280 yen (~$12 to $16 USD.)

At least they were nice enough to include a mesh side so you can see out of it. Sure, you might look completely ridiculous if you wear one, but the guy pointing and laughing next to you probably got his brain bashed in by falling debris – and you’ll still be alive to point and laugh at him.

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