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Bandra Ohm is the Coolest High-Rise Ever

 |  |  |  April 26, 2012

You might have already read it from the title, but let me repeat it for emphasis: the Bandra Ohm is the coolest design for a high-rise for a building ever!


As you can see, the design gets its name from the shape that inspired it: the Ohm symbol. The Bandra Ohm is a design by James Law Cybertecture, and the residential high-rise incorporates thirty stories of architectural delights and features terrace pools on select units of the structure.


The design concept of the tower is inspired by the ripple effect generated by water droplets, which is also known as the capillary wave. The image of the ripple emphasizes fluidity and this idea is reflected in the tower’s design. The outline of the tower demonstrates the fluidity and dynamic nature of the ripple.

The design is supposedly for a location in Mumbai, India, but it’s unclear if it’s actually being built as of yet. If it ever gets built, I’d want to get a unit for myself.

[via Geekologie via Dvice]