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R2-D2 Fingernails Have a Secret Message to Deliver

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Written by Jack Kieffer | May 5, 2012

These nails are not especially beautiful without their Star Wars coating, but with tiny astromech droids painted on them, they became wonderful!  Plenty of people have painted their entire bodies to look like R2-D2 (what?) but not many have been able to pull of R2-D2 nails like this.  I would have passed out from the smell of the nail polish by the time I was done with my index finger.  “That’s just because you tried to paint your face with it.”  GO GO GO!  *Rambo camo on face, jumps out of a second story window*

r2-d2 nail polish

R2-D2 is that spunky robot with a personality that makes the ladies swoon.  “He’s not that cool.”  Yeah, well next time a beautiful woman paints your body on her fingernails, call me.  And then call the police and get a restraining order, because you have a serious problem that you need to nip in the bud.

The detail of these nails is pretty impressive – better than I can do, anyway.  I was at a loss when I tried to find who is responsible for these beauties, so if anyone reading this would like to take credit, go ahead.  Then, for verification, we’ll need to send you a glove to try on.  “It does not FIT!  YOU MUST ACQUIT!”  Oh, no, O.J.  I am going to make this glove fit your hand if it is the last thing I do.  Get the WD-40 and the shrink ray.  “We don’t have a shrink ray.”  DON’T ARGUE, JUST GET IT DONE!

If you love these nails, then you’ll be infatuated with the R2-D2 Ballerina Costume and the R2-D2 Short Shorts. We love short shorts!  *Clapping*  I love short shorts!  *Clapping*

[via: Geeks Are Sexy]

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