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Diablo III: Wrath Is Well Worth Six Minutes of Your Time

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 9, 2012

I hope you have your hands well rested and ready for a ton of clicking because Diablo III is only one week away, launching on May 15. Rest those hands and clean your mouse like a soldier breaking down his gun as you wait. While you wait, be sure to check out this animated short that Blizzard has released.

Directed by Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung, Diablo III: Wrath is a prequel to the game that focuses on the war between the angels and demons. Diablo fans are sure to love it, despite lines like “Your rage makes you powerful,” Besides what else are you going to do as you count the hours?

The cartoon is about six minutes long, and it is beautifully animated, regardless of the occasionally cheesy dialogue, so it is worth your time. Anyway soon you will be hacking and slashing to your hearts content, so in the meantime, enjoy.

[via Geekosystem]