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Anti-Wi-Fi Wallpaper Keeps Nosy Neighbors off Networks

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Written by Range | May 10, 2012

Unless you vary your passwords often, it’s possible that some tech-savvy neighbors have figured out the password to your Wi-Fi home network, and they could be using it to download massive amounts of data, porn and pirated movies, or to snoop on your personal network. Instead of getting caught by the MPAA, it’s probably best to get this anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper to take care of business.

anti wallpaper wifi signal blocking paper

This wallpaper has special patterns of silver crystals, which have been placed to block the Wi-Fi frequencies of your router, keeping signals from leaving(or entering) your space. The wallpaper goes on sale in 2013 from Alhstrom, a Finnish company, and it will cost the same as mid-range traditional wallpaper, so you won’t break the bank putting this up in every room. Of course, if you put it up in every room, there’s a good chance you’ll disrupt Wi-Fi inside your own home, so you might just want to stick with exterior walls. It’s probably best used in a commercial setting, like an office building to keep other businesses from hopping on your network.

anti wifi wallpaper paper security router wireless

If don’t like the pattern it comes in, you can cover it up with paint, but I actually think the pattern looks cool.¬†You’ll also have to put this wallpaper up on the ceiling as well as the floor for it to work. Naturally windows are still a problem, so if you don’t live in a basement or a Batcave, you still might be out of luck.

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