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Arkeg Gaming Cabinet Comes with 69 Games and a Hangover

 |  |  |  |  |  May 14, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between alcohol and gaming. The two don’t mix very well. What if there was a convenient way that you could have both? There is. The Arkeg will deliver arcade gaming and a keg in one unit.


The system comes with 69 games, a 5 lb CO2 tank, a 24″ hi-def LCD, a quality sound sound system and a keg of your choice of booze. It can also play computer games and Flash games through a Wi-Fi or direct internet connection and it can hold and play over 15,000 games. Now you can finally see what it’s like to play Pac-Man drunk.

This kind of gaming and boozing convenience will cost you almost $4000 though, so it might be better just to boot up your Xbox 360 and grab a six pack case of the best beer you can buy.

[via Geeks Are Sexy via Neatorama]