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MIT Student Constructs Mario Kart Racer, Cafeteria Runs out of Bananas

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 14, 2012

Charles Guan, an MIT grad student, has created a working replica of the vehicles from Super Mario Kart. It is powered by four motors attached to the wheels and can reach speeds upwards of 26 mph. It can also do some crazy turns when the driver leans into the curves.

Even more amazing than the kart itself is how quickly he made the thing. He fabricated it in just three weeks. The vehicle, called the “Chibikart,” is built to be as lightweight as possible. The frame is just 30-inches long and 18-inches wide. Check it out in action in the video clip below:

So, how did he make it so fast? Guan installed a 32-volt battery and electrical system along with an e-bike controller from China to run the power plant of the vehicle. Installed underneath the seat, this drives each of the electrical motors installed in the four small wheels. Sweet. Now he needs to build more and hold Mario Kart races once a year.

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