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Iron Man Cufflinks Assemble Your Shirt Sleeves

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 21, 2012

You were amazed at Iron Man’s transforming suitcase in Iron Man 2. You were surprised by his transforming… pod thing in The Avengers. Now, behold: Iron Man cufflinks. What’s that? No, they don’t transform. But I’ll let you in on a trade secret: neither did the suitcase and that pod thing! It’s all smoke and mirrors! Special and effects!

iron man cufflnks

These cufflinks are made from gold-plated copper. Even though it kinda looks like it, I don’t think Shellhead’s eyes are actually glowing in these cufflinks. It’s probably just clever paint job, but that’d be cool if they did.

iron man cufflnks 2

You can order the Iron Man cufflinks from southernliving26’s Etsy shop for $19.90 (USD).

[via Fancy]