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Google Opens In-App Subscriptions for Google Play

 |  |  |  |  |  May 26, 2012

Google has offered up a new option for developers to charge consumers for games and other things in the Google Play store. Google has been accepting in-app payments for a while now, and this week opened the system up to allow in-app subscriptions to be purchased as well. This means we can bet on games that require subscriptions to play to land any time now.


The billing system will use the same backend as in-app purchases. Developers will be able to set up the billing interval for subscription services and Google Play will handle the recurrence on the backend. Consumers will be able to login to their Google Play account and view their subscriptions as well as change them.

Apps requiring a subscription will have to state the price and the billing interval such as weekly, monthly, or yearly right on the app page so there aren’t any surprises for consumers. The subscription service is already being adopted by game developer Glu with a special currency subscription networks across any of the company’s games.

[via Android Developers]