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Skin Turns Apple TV into NES Console

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 27, 2012

The most recent two generations of the Apple TV are pretty slick, but nondescript black boxes, designed to hide in your home theater or living room setup without taking up much space or eyeball real estate. But if you’d like to make your plain black box a little less of a plain black box, you’ll want to grab one of these skins to spiff it up.


This skin looks just like my old NES console, except smaller, with curved edges, and no place to stick any cartridges. It won’t make your Apple TV any more capable of playing Super Mario Bros., but it’ll still make it look cool. The skin is one of many cool and geeky vinyl skins available fromĀ Killer Duck Decals, and sells for just $10 (USD) over onĀ Etsy.

I only wish it came with a skin that made the Apple remote control look like an NES controller. Though if you do use your iPhone as a remote, you could go with one of these: