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Speedometer Watch Goes from 0 to 60 Seconds… in 60 Seconds

 |  |  |  |  May 29, 2012

If we haven’t burned you out on cool digital watches here on Technabob, here’s another for you to consider for your collection. This watch is designed to look just like the speedometer and other gauges from your car, so it’s perfect for automotive enthusiasts.


The Max Speed watch has a variety of bright blue LED backlit gauges on it to help you tell the time. The large gauge at the top right tells the current hour, while the one at the bottom indicates minutes in 5 minute increments, while digits underneath tell individual minutes.


There’s also a small AM/PM indicator as well as a gauge which tells you which day of the week it is (using numbers 1 through 7.)

The watch has a rubber band and stainless steel case, and is water resistant to 50 bar. Not that this thing is designed for swimmers – it’s for speed freaks and gearheads. So if you just can’t drive 55, you can grab the Max Speed watch over at Gadgets and Gear for $79.95 (USD). Radar detector not included.