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Make Your Own Hovercraft, Perhaps One Day Rule the World

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 2, 2012

Here’s something fun that you can do over the weekend. Build your own hovercraft. It’s every geek’s dream to build a real working hovercraft and with a little help from Mythbusters’ Adam Savage, you can build a floating machine and laugh maniacally as you make plans to one day rule the world.

You can build this floating vehicle with stuff that most of us already have lying around our home. You will need a plastic lawn chair, a sheet of ¾-inch plywood, a leaf blower, a heavy-duty shower curtain, 2 rolls of duct tape, a lid from a gallon paint can, some foam pipe insulation and some screws. You can find the instructions over on Wired’s GeekDad.

If you start right away you can have a hovercraft by Monday, which you can ride into work. You might get a ticket though. And you won’t go very fast.

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