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Students Creating a Rideable Hexapod, Probably Won’t Be Street Legal

 |  |  |  |  June 4, 2012

A bunch of students from Artistan’s Asylum in Somerville Massachusetts are creating a 2500 pound rideable hexapod robot. To accomplish this they will be using a 135 horsepower Toyota forklift engine. Where does a 2500 pound hexapod park? Wherever it wants.
The hexapod is named Stompy for obvious reasons. Right now they are as far as building test rigs, programming robot simulations, and planning world domination. The vehicle is expected to be over 15 feet in diameter. That’s about a lane of traffic and a half. This thing will stomp you if you are in the way.

Fifteen students who signed up for a 4 month class taught by Gui Cavalcanti, James Whong, and Dan Cody will be taking part in the project. All three teachers are roboticists with real world experience, so these kids will be learning quite a lot.

[via Artisan’s Asylum via Robot Living]