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Friedrich Kühl Air Conditioner Offers iPhone Control

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Written by Range | June 6, 2012

I definitely like the fact that more and more appliances are becoming Wi-Fi-enabled, meaning that expensive home automation that was only available for the rich, or incredibly handy is trickling down to us ordinary folk. The air conditioning company Friedrich has just released a Wi-Fi dongle that will allow you to control their air conditioners from anywhere.

friedrich kuhl link dongle ac iphone

The Kühl line of air conditioners cost as much as 2 to 3 time more than cheaper units, but they have got some interesting features that might be worth the additional cost. FriedrichLink is a Wi-Fi adapter that can be added to any existing Kühl air conditioner. It allows you to control the temperature, power, setup and cooling schedule using an iPhone app. This is excellent for when you forget to turn off the AC or when it’s sweltering hot, chilling down your place a couple of minutes before you arrive home.


Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, nor has availability and Friedrich hasn’t mentioned anything about an Android or Windows version of the app.

[via Uncrate via Oh Gizmo!]