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Hickies: Turning Your Kicks Into Slip-Ons

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 10, 2012

Some people love their shoelaces, while others despise them. They’re great if you have the time to painstakingly tie them into a neat bow and re-tie them in the same, careful manner every time they come undone. And if you’re the clumsy type, then you’ll have to be prepared to do the latter more times than normal.

But your shoelace-dependent footwear would be rendered useless without the laces itself Рuntil Hickies came along.


They’re a project by Mariquel and Gaston, who both hail from Brooklyn, New York. Basically, they’re elastic bands that hook into your shoes’ lace holes, replacing shoelaces altogether. That means no more shoelaces, no more unsightly bows, and no more tripping over untied laces.


They also add to the whole look of your shoes as well, since it’s available in a wide array of colors. Interested? Then you’d better hurry because you’ve got just a few days to make a pledge on Kickstarter to support the project and get some Hickies for your shoes.