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Inverted Umbrella: Protects from Rain, Folds Outside-In to Keep You Dry

 |  |  |  |  June 11, 2012

The weather’s been pretty erratic lately. The day could start out crazy hot, and it could be raining by the time the sun sets late in the afternoon.

A handy thing to have either way is an umbrella. The best thing to have at this point is the Inverted Umbrella.

Inverted Umbrella

On the surface, it’s not that much different from current designs of umbrellas when opened, but it’s construction is what makes it special. It’s also what gives it its most-desired feature: reversibility.

When you come out of the rain, sometimes you still end up getting wet because of the droplets splattering all over when you close the umbrella.

Inverted Umbrella

But imagine reversing the entire thing so you can squeeze the water out into the drainage where it belongs, while the you and your clothes remain dry. Cool, right?


The Inverted Umbrella is a concept design by Ahn Il-Mo, Kim Tae-Han, and Seo Dong-Han.

[via Yanko Design]