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Guitar Zero Self-Playing Controller Mod: GameShark for Guitar Hero

 |  |  |  |  |  |  June 17, 2012

Like many twitch-based games, it’s practically impossible to cheat your way through Guitar Hero. You can play the game on easier difficulties, but if you want to have really high scores and perfects in Expert mode, you really have to be an expert. Until now.

guitar zero guitar hero xbox 360 controller mod

Invented by Eric Falk along with his two business partners, Guitar Zero is a programmable circuit card that is soldered to an Xbox 360 guitar controller to enables the controller to play on its own. It works on most of the Guitar Hero games as well as a few Rock Band games. Guitar Zero will be pre-loaded with the Expert track files of about 2000 songs. The files can be tweaked and more files can be added to Guitar Zero via USB.

Skip to about 2:00 in the video below to see it rip through Through the Fire and Flames like it was nothing but a series of commands loaded in a track file just waiting to be cued by a button press. Oh wait.

A pledge of at least $59 (USD) on its Kickstarter fundraiser gets you the Guitar Zero kit. Pledge $129 and you’ll get it pre-installed in a guitar controller. It’s a very interesting mod, but I’m more interested in seeing how gamers respond to it. As it is it’s a device made solely for cheating. On the other hand, what would you consider more ridiculous: a guitar controller that plays itself or a guitar that teaches you how to play pretend guitar?