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BMW i Pedelec Electric Bike: Stash It in Your Prius and You’re Ready to Go

 |  |  |  |  |  June 18, 2012

I’ve never been a fan of electric bikes, but I can see a use for them, especially for people who need the extra help to get a move on. Most electric bikes are also a bit bulky, making them less than convenient for everyday use. That said,¬†BMW just released a new concept for a foldable electric bike, that you’ll be able to stash almost anywhere.

bmw electric bike bicycle i pedelec

The BMW i Pedelec is made out of carbon fiber and aluminum, and has three speeds. It’s assisted by an electric motor that will help the user to get up to speeds of 16 mph. It has a range of about 16-25 miles, and two of these bikes are supposed to fit nicely inside the ¬†environmentally-friendly¬†BMW i3 concept car. The bike’s battery is fully charged up in 1.5 hours from the car itself or a wall outlet. When riding downhill, the electric hub motor acts like a generator, recycling kinetic energy and transforming it into electric power.

bmw electric bike bicycle i pedelec

This concept sounds pretty interesting since it cuts down on the bulk of electric bikes, and improves the performance at the same time. It’s also the best approximation of having a full-blown scooter in your car, ready to go when traffic just gets too heavy.

bmw electric bike bicycle i pedelec

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