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Breakfast Earbuds and Cord Wrapper is the World’s Yummiest iAccessory

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 26, 2012

Some people get so preoccupied with work and what they have to do for the day that they leave home, forgetting one of the most important things that they should have done before they left: eat breakfast. It’s the first meal of the day and, as many people have said, it’s what gives you the strength and energy to go do what you need to do and not get bogged down with fatigue before the day is done.

What most people don’t forget, however, is to bring their smartphones or music players with them. Using this knowledge to their advantage are the people behind these┬áBreakfast Earbuds and Cord Wrapper.

Breakfast Earbuds and Cord Wrapper
It’s a pretty neat and adorable solution for your tangled earbuds woes and serves as a reminder that you shouldn’t forget to have your chow in the morning by tempting you with a miniature bowl of scrumptious cereal to keep your breakfast earbuds set in order.

Want them? You can get your own from Perpetual Kid for $16 (USD).

[via Chip Chick]