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Monopoly: World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition: Go and Collect 200 Copper

 |  |  |  |  |  June 26, 2012

USAopoly continues to mash up the popular board game Monopoly with other famous brands, creating two-headed cash cows of fan service, like this World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with Monopoly x Tekken x Street Fighter. Or Monopoly x Taken.

world of warcraft monopoly

As you might expect, all the things that can be WoWified have been WoWified. You can own Ogrimmar and Stormwind, get money from goblins and use familiar objects – the Corehound Pup, Murky, Doomhammer, Hearthstone, Mechagnome and Flight Path Boot – as tokens. The only disappointment here is that it still uses paper money. It would’ve been more awesome if it had copper, silver and gold coins instead.

You can order the Monopoly: World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition from ThinkGeek or Amazon for $40 (USD). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pitch Taken X Street Fighter to Capcom.