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Make Your E-books Smell Like a Real Book with Paper Passion

 |  |  |  |  June 26, 2012

Ah, the smell of real honest to god books. There’s nothing quite like it. The smell of a book can instantly transport you back to something amazing that you once read. But sadly you can’t get that smell from E-books. Actually, now you can.
Paper Passion will make your reader or tablet smell just like books of old. Hey, you wear perfume or cologne, why shouldn’t your E-reader? Okay it’s really meant for you to wear, but it makes more sense to spray it on your gadget in my opinion. It will set you back $115(USD) for a bottle, packaged in a matching, but unreadable book.

The “new book smell” perfume was commissioned for the Wallpaper magazine Handmade exhibition in Milan. But I have to ask, what about “old book smell”? That smells pretty good too. There’s nothing like the smell of an ancient paperback.

[via Roger Ebert via io9]