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DeLorean Limo, Drive to the Future in Style

 |  |  |  |  June 28, 2012

Parking? Where we’re going we don’t need to park. When going to the future, you might as well travel there in style, with this stretch DeLorean limo. The only problem is, getting it up to 88 MPH in the first place. And does a DeLorean limo need two (ore more) flux capacitors?

Now you can bring all of your friends to the future and really mess things up good. And you also have plenty of room to bring back souvenirs for your other friends. Like me. I will take a hoverboard. Judging by all of the DeLoreans in that room, the future is going to be one hell of a traffic jam. I think I might just stay home and watch the DVD.

The DeLorean limo was made by Rich Weissensel, and you can find out more about the build here. Here’s a couple of bonus pics for you to enjoy…



[via Jalopnik]