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Kinkajou Cuts Bottles in a Jiffy, Still has a Funny Name

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 2, 2012

Ever wanted to create your own glassware? Well, you could learn glassblowing and start from scratch, or you could just grab some old beer and soda bottles and create your own upcycled glasses that way. A recent Kickstarter project aims to make this easy for everyone – and it’s called the Kinkajou.


Named for a tiny South American mammal with big teeth, the Kinkajou is an easy-to-use, compact device which will allow you to make quick work of cutting through bottles of many sizes – turning them into drinking glasses, vases and other vessels.


Designed by Patrick Lehoux, the Kinkajou actually is designed to score bottles in a perfectly straight line, and then you can separate the two sections by pouring alternating hot and cold water over the freshly scored line. Then hit the rough edge that remains with a bit of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide sandpaper, and you have yourself a shiny new drinking glass.

The standard Kinkajou kit is available for ordering over on Kickstarter now, and includes the bottle cutter and a basic finishing kit for $50(USD). For a bit more, you can get into kits which include additional finishing materials or stencils and etching cream for customizing your glasses.