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Laptop Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fastest Typer of Them All?

 |  |  |  |  July 2, 2012

Are you looking for something different in a mirror? Something that you can hang on your wall that captures all of your nerdiness and still allows you to see yourself? Just convert your old laptop into a mirror and slap it on your wall.

That’s what Brian J. Noggle did. Now he can pretend that he’s video chatting with himself all day long, even though all the other guy does is mock him by mimicking everything he does.

Brian says, “I am the only person in the entire planet who owns a mirror that says PROPERTY OF ENVISION on the back.” Yep. I’m gonna assume that’s true. All he had to do was gut an old laptop computer and add a mirror to make this nerdiest of wall mirrors. You could always go with a model that has a webcam built in and go the digital route too.

[via Neatorama]