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iPhone 4S Wireless Charging Mod Goes Well With Wireless Syncing

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 6, 2012

Even though I’m not a fan of current wireless charging technology, I’m still impressed by YouTuber tanv28, who modified his iPhone 4S to support wireless charging. Pair this with the wireless syncing feature in iOS 5 and you can ditch your charge and sync cables. If you can pull off the mod, that is.

iphone 4s powermat wireless charging mod

As tanv28 warns in the video, this is not an easy project and it will void your warranty. Such is the price of convenience. You’ll need soldering tools, a thin gauge wire, a spare charger port assembly, a spare iPhone 4S back cover and the wireless charging receiver and circuitry from Powermat. You can skip to about 1:00 in the video for the steps:

Proof that Apple runs in his blood, tanv28 even made a commercial for his customized iPhone:

Tanv28 didn’t mention if his iPhone can’t be charged via a cable anymore, but judging from his thorough guide I’m betting that it the dock connector still works, otherwise he would’ve mentioned it. Now all he needs to do is make his iPhone float.

[via Ubergizmo]