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L8 SmartLight Serves Notifications Without a Peep

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 8, 2012

Silence is golden. That’s something I learned after working a few months in an always-busy office environment where some people can be extremely loud. Now talking might be unavoidable sometimes, and in the din of all that noise, you might miss the occasional notification or so from your smartphone or email client.

So for that, you need the L8 SmartLight. It serves up notifications using a unique lighting system, so you don’t need to hear anything to get the message. All you need is to see it.

L8 SmartLight

The device is made up of a grid 64 LED lights on one side and a super bright LED light on the other. It connects with your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth to deliver stuff you want to know through light codes, like¬†tweets, Facebook messages, e-mails, game results, temperature, and more. And it doesn’t just light up in blue – the L8 is works in full color, and can be programmed to work as an ambient light or even turn on when somebody approaches it.


The people behind the project need to raise $90,000 to make the L8 SmartLight into a reality. To find out more about it and maybe even support it, head on over to Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of $69(USD) will get you your very own L8, and $80 will get you the developer edition, complete with early access to the SDK.