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Siphon Audio Out Switch Concept: Switch to Suit the Sound

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 13, 2012

I know a lot of PC gamers also splurge on high end speakers for their gaming rigs, while others prefer to use headphones or headsets. If you use both – or several of both – on your computer, I suggest you check out the Siphon. It’s a USB device that lets you switch between different audio jacks.

siphon quirky audio splitter

The Siphon has a dial that lets you switch to one of the three jacks. It has an adhesive back, so you don’t have to leave it dangling or hidden at the back of your PC. It can also serve as a rack for your headphones or headset.

Seems like a neat gadget, especially for people who don’t always need headphones (or speakers), or those who share their computer with others who might prefer a different audio setup at times. It would be better if it had a dedicated “default” setting though, so you can still output sound from the default speakers even if there’s something plugged in all three jacks. Help make the Siphon become a real product at Quirky.