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Personalized Facebook Playing Cards for Those Who Want to Play People, with People

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 15, 2012

Everyone hates a player almost as much as they dislike cheaters. But no one will fault you for playing people and treating it all like a game. Not if you’re just playing Solitaire with these personalized Facebook playing cards.

Facebook Playing CardsThis new offering from Firebox takes the Facebook craze further. The social network has close to a billion users worldwide, and the numbers are still growing, so it makes sense to capitalize on it while it’s still as popular as it is.

If you love playing cards and fancy the thought of having a personalized deck with the faces and images of people from your Facebook friends list, then you might want to commission Firebox to print you up your very own deck.

Facebook Playing Cards

It’s a quick three-step process to get some playing cards that feature your actual Facebook friends. Just access their app, pick 54 people to be on your cards, then assign which person will grace which card. Pay up and voila! You’ll never have a lonely time playing solitaire, guaranteed.

The Personalized Facebook Playing Cards are available from Firebox for £11.99 (~$19 USD.)

[via Chip Chick]