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Burning Cup Heats up Your Drinks in a Jiffy

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 21, 2012

This isn’t the first time someone out there decided to come up with a gadget that made heating drinks up easier. Remember the HeatStick? However, this time around, the heating mechanism is built into the cup itself.

Burning Cup

No need for batteries or electricity either, because the heat comes from an exothermic (or heat-releasing) chemical reaction. Designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi explains how it works:

The sodium acetate contained in the inside of the cup design can regulate the heat of beverage. The liquid solution breaks the balance of liquid state with a tiny impact and hardens it solid, and it then generates heat momentarily.

Burning Cup

When you feel the contents of your drink start to cool again, just give the cup another squeeze to set off the chemical reaction and heat it up once more.


It’s an interesting concept, assuming the cup can be designed with sufficient insulation that you don’t burn your hand when you squeeze the outside of it.

[via Yanko Design]